Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I just wanted to introduce another pay per post service.
Smorty advertise on blogs pays you for your reviews and writings which are meaningful.
As a blogger if you are serious in earning money and interested in writing reviews then Smorty would be better choice compared to payperpost.

It doesn’t have any post restrictions in accepting the blog , Once the post is approved you will get the money in a week. It doesn’t even has restriction in number of blogs. You need to accept the opportunity as soon as it arrives.
If you delay in accepting, then you are the looser and chances for others to getting opportunity are more.

I really liked smorty compared to Reviewme, PayperPost (PPP), bloggerwave or sponsored reviews .Just try it it will also become your favorite too.

One suggestion to smorty : Instead of blogger checking advertiser requirements and accepting them, if the advertiser requirements don’t meet to the blogger, there must be an option for the blogger not to accept it .

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