Thursday, July 19, 2007

World News and Political Forum

Are you interested in world Politics?Get yourself into the much awaited 'World News and Political Forum' covered by numerous topics related to political happenings. The forum focuses on the issues such as politics, Immigration, Civil Liberty, Constitutional law and Economics. All the issues are influenced by politics. This forum includes sub forums as Breaking news and current events, Historical events, Politics & Government, Global Law, Immigration, Society, Environment Issues, Global Politics etc. There is a good option to discuss on region specific politics.

Adsense revenue sharing system of the forum makes participants to earn money for their posts. The Forum shares 50% of the adsense revenues that are earned from your posts.Remember that you need to participate in at least 50 posts to share the adsense revenue. If you do not have an adsense account please register by clicking on this link.

You can discuss the Technology news, Political humor, Recent Accolades in different streams, your reaction to the particular news. I have seen people discussing on World seven wonders, Global Politics and Immigration. Interesting stuff!! This social networking forum is newly started and no doubt it's growing day by day. If you get some time visit the forum!

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