Thursday, July 05, 2007

There is cash that belongs to 9 out of 10 Americans from all states. There might be your money that may belong to you which is unclaimed. This may come from bank accounts, insurance refunds, utility deposits, IT returns. You may forget to claim the money while shifting the home with out notifying the payer about your new address. If you would like to know whether that unclaimed money belongs to you, here is a site called cashunclaimed that makes to search for free. They have also affiliate program from which you can earn some money.
They have good customer support for answering your queries. I am not advertising for ‘cashunlimited’. I am not sure how reliable it is.
To order, you just click and pay by credit card or electronic check, the details of the guarantee state that "If the unclaimed funds account on our list belongs to you and you attempt to claim it, YOU WILL RECEIVE THE UNCLAIMED FUNDS OWED TO YOU or we will refund 100% of your processing fee."
It has database listing "millions of dollars in unclaimed money, property, accounts and assets from all 50 states that could belong to you." They claim to have located "over $800 million in unclaimed accounts belonging to over 5 million people." We need to check with terms and conditions carefully before joining. They may not charge you more than 10 percent of the value of the recoverable property.
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