Thursday, November 16, 2006

IT Specialists requirement in dotnet

• Computer Science - Bachelor of Engineering(B.E.)/ Bachelor of
Technology (B.Tech.) graduate
• Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in Programming or equivalent

Experience / Capability

• Programming – Visual Studio. Net (2005 and/or 2003)
o Specialized in developing enterprise application in Visual Basic Dot
o Knowledge in developing 3-Tier applications, Client/Server
o Knowledge in developing Reusable components (e.g COM components,
ActiveX DLL, ActiveX OCX)
• Web programming: Asp Dot Net, Java Scripts, HTML
o Specialized in developing dynamic websites using ActiveX Data Objects
(ADO Dot Net/ ADO)
o Knowledge in client side scripting preferably JavaScript
o Knowledge in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
o Knowledge in Extended Markup Language (XML)

• Database - SQL Server 2005 and/or 2000; Oracle 9i or 10i; Access
o In depth knowledge in Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
concepts including Data Definition Language (DDL), Data Manipulation
Language (DML), Data Control Language (DCL)
o Specialized in Structured Query Language (SQL)
o Knowledge in Integrating Heterogeneous Databases
o Knowledge in Data Mining and Data Management

Personal Qualities
• Excellent character, reliable and high level of professional
• Willing to be based in Malaysia and work in other countries
• Preferably no family commitments (not married)
• Eager to learn and adapt to meet company needs in the IT area.
• Be creative and motivated to solve IT problems

Starting salary in the range of INR 40,000 – 55,000 based on
experience. Accommodation (lodging) will be provided in Malaysia. Performance
bonus (equivalent to salary for one month) may be paid on an annual
basis. The remuneration package will include an annual return ticket to
India and 3 weeks annual leave for each year employed.

Intrested candidates may mail to

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